Chromium 99.0.4768.0 for Windows

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The goal of this open-source browser project is to create a safer, quicker, and more stable web experience.

In addition to Google Chrome's source code, Chromium is an open-source web browser project. Founded by Google, Chromium is an open-source browser project that seeks to improve the web experience for everyone.

In terms of reporting and analyzing crashes, Chromium builds have the most infrastructure to support this. Google's brand, auto-update mechanism, click-through license terms, usage tracking, and the bundling of Adobe Flash Player are all missing from the project's hourly snapshots of Chromium, which are practically the same as the newest releases of Google Chrome.

An element called chromium (Cr) is used to make chrome, and hence the Chromium Project is named after this metal. Chromium was Google's open-source project name while Chrome was the final product name, as stated in the developer documentation. However, other developers have taken Chromium's code and released versions of the browser under the Chromium brand name.  

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