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Ubuntu 21.10 is Now Available to Download

Ubuntu 21.10 has been launched, making it the 35th version of Ubuntu overall. It has nine months' worth of security updates, major bug fixes, and some brand new features.

October 15, 2021 07:51

Among the many new features in Ubuntu 21.10 are the GNOME 40 desktop environment, a new GTK theme, the Firefox Snap app by default, PulseAudio 15, and Linux 5.13, to name a few.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be available in April 2019 if you install 21.10 (or upgrade from Ubuntu 21.04). It will be supported for at least five years after that. If you're a frequent visitor to this blog, you're probably familiar with the major changes in Ubuntu 21.10. If you don't, keep reading for a quick rundown of what's new and noteworthy in this update. The download section has a freshly-spun.iso for first-hand testing, or you can go right there. GNOME 40 has been included as the default desktop environment in Ubuntu 21.10.

Ubuntu 21.10 brings new features

New touchpad gestures (only in Wayland) are available to enter and exit the workspace switcher and horizontal application launcher introduced in GNOME 40. It is worth noting that Ubuntu 21.10 still has the Ubuntu Dock, but it has been updated to add an icon for the trash and a way to separate running apps from those that have been pinned (the desktop trash icon has been removed). Smaller changes have been made to the GNOME desktop to go along with the redesigned desktop. Wi-fi enhancements like presenting previously connected networks on top of connections list regardless of signal strength are included, as are upgrades to essential apps like Calendar handling.ics files and Nautilus extracting password protected.zip files being able to Nautilus being able to.

In addition to the Linux 5.13 kernel, PulseAudio 15 and Thunderbird 91 (with its new user-account set-up wizard and improved calendar functions) are available to users outside of GNOME. All new Ubuntu 21.10 installations come pre-configured with a Firefox Snap app installed. There are known flaws such not supporting the installation of GNOME extensions, however this is mainly feature compatible with the old repo version (which is still accessible for this release).

The Ubuntu 21.10 operating system can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Image credits: Ubuntu Discourse

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